Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's official.

I'm a soccer mom.
Corban played his first soccer game on Saturday
and he loved it! Technically they didn't win.
Actually, they took a royal beating, but as far as he's concerned,
they won. and we'll stick with that. Because they are four years old,
and no score is kept.

Ok but really the other team scored like 12 goals.

BUT, I could not be prouder because my baby scored one of our two, yes two, goals!
He does not let the fact that he is a good 6 inches shorter than everyone on the field
deter him from being a soccer genius. But, the thing that makes me the happiest
is that he loves playing so much!
The Stallions (sweet name right?!) play again this Saturday at 1:00. Maybe this time I will
remember my camera... oops.

Go Stallions!