Monday, August 23, 2010


after months and months of trying to
potty train this boy, it's official.
he's been wearing big boy underwear
for 2 weeks.
it's about time!

one to go.

is 2 months too young to start potty training?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

i've decided

i'm going to be a vegetarian.
well i'm going to try it at least.
i'm giving myself the rest of this week
well really until we finish off our groceries
to enjoy eating animals.
i'm not doing this to try to prove a point about injustice toward
animals or about ethics.
i really don't even like animals that much.
really i just want to see if this focus on eating more leafy greens and fruits
will help me in my efforts to get in shape. along with my elimination of meats, i'm
going to try to eat less processed foods altogether.
i'm really going to focus more on natural, organic, when i can afford it,
i hear rumors of a whole foods market coming to OKC.
i'm sure it's outrageously expensive, but just the thought of
shopping there makes me giddy.

yes dad, i'm really doing this.

i feel like such a hippie.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i love
and i love gwyneth paltrow for creating it.
actually i just love gwyneth paltrow.
it doesn't hurt that she's married to chris martin.
i love chris martin.
in a non-crush kind of way.
more like in an "i love coldplay" kind of way.

ok that's all.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

did i say excellent?

current song: friends
artist: band of skulls
good song.

so i was looking at the pioneer woman's blog today. love her. you can find her here. she takes excellent pictures and i was thinking, "i want to take excellent pictures too". and then i thought "you know i could take excellent pictures if i had an excellent camera." ok well maybe i couldn't, but how will i ever know if i don't give it a try? but the truth is that i don't know the first thing about cameras or photography. i wouldn't even know what kind of excellent camera to buy.
do you have an excellent camera?
i need help.
also, i need money.
you know who else takes excellent pictures? my mother. that's right. my very own mom. so it's gotta be genetic or something. she actually just got back from a middle eastern excursion in Israel (why is that the only word i've capitalized so far? actually it really bothers me to not correctly capitalize words when i'm typing, but honestly i'm too lazy to do anything about it.)
anyway...back to my photographer mother. she's great. if you don't believe me, see for yourself...
yeah she's good.
love you mom.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

why do i continue to do things that kill me?

that's what i asked myself when i woke up today.
why? because last night i did this...well not exactly this. i played indoor soccer last night.
and i can guarantee you that i looked nothing like that girl because she's got game.
let's be honest, i probably looked a little more like this kid...i would like to thank the very nice guys and gals who let me play on their team though.
they were very nice and didn't make it obvious that they were annoyed
with how absolutely horrible i was.
but regardless of playing horribly and my body being in complete revolt
today, i completely enjoyed playing.
i'm ready to play again.
so if anyone wants to be on an indoor team, let me know!