Thursday, July 29, 2010


today is day 4 of working out. i am beginning to remember why i never worked out regularly before. i think the last time i did any kind of regular exercise was in high school when i played sports. yeah, it's been a while. i'm determined though. i've never been so determined to get in shape. so this better work...

Friday, July 23, 2010

teddy bears

you know what i don't like?
teddy bears.
no, i don't have an aversion to teddy bears in their purest form.i can appreciate this guy for what he is. i mean, i don't mind them as stuffed animals.
but when people take the teddy bear too far, you end up with things like this...
the ever popular teddy bear baby room. one lesson that can be learned
from the 80s is that teddy bears should never EVER be used as a design motif. period.

but some more extreme uses of the teddy bear include...
the teddy bear jacket? that's right folks. get yours now before winter hits.
i've got mine ordered already.
and then there's this...

somebody took their love for teddy bears so far as to try and become one. this picture honestly just made me laugh so hard that i had to include it. i mean, really...why?

ok i feel better.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

adele and reminiscing

right now i'm
listening to adele

(i recommend this album if you don't already have it)

and reminiscing over some old photos.
here are a few. i know you may not know some of these people. indulge me.
it's ok to laugh at them.

high school...

high school sweethearts
who's the guy in the red? oh wait that's my husband. isn't he handsome? i don't know those other weird guys...
well that was fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

he loves me

last night, i may or may not have had a melt down. so today, my wonderful husband came home on his lunch break and brought me this beauty.
if you can't tell it's an amazing chocolate cupcake from sara sara bakery.
delicious. i couldn't even finish it.
yep. he loves me.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


i feel like if i had these shoes, i would be more motivated to work out.
yeah...i'll go with that.

(sounds like a real reason to buy shoes right? i think so too)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the perfect equation

so i'm not a math teacher, but i do know that
plus this...

plus this...

equals this...
yes i realize that i'm drinking coffee in the middle of the afternoon. it's not really because i need it, (although waking up three times a night every night is tiring) but more because i just LOVE it. it's something i'm trying to enjoy thoroughly before i begin my much needed diet and exercise program. that's right folks, for the first time ever i'm going to get into a workout routine. my personal trainer (aka my dad) is putting together a workout for me to start on and i couldn't be more excited!
crazy? maybe.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


well we've been home with rylee now for a week and a half. this is my first week to be home alone with both kids and so far so good. nobody has died so that's a plus. actually it's been much easier than i had expected it to be. rylee is such a good baby. she really never gets upset and she sleeps alot right now, so that makes things a little easier. it's such a crazy feeling having two kids and knowing that i don't plan to have anymore. having a little girl is so different from having a baby boy. i feel so much more protective toward her already. it may be because she is so much smaller than corb was or it may just be that she seems so much more fragile than corb was. i don't know. but i do know that there is nothing like having a brand new baby girl and a now 3 year old self-proclaimed "big boy". i am so exhausted, but i love every minute of it.
if you had asked me when i was 18 what i would be doing at 24 years old, i would have probably told you that i would be married and working and probably thinking about buying a house. i might have even told you that i would be thinking about having my first child. but i know that i never would have told you that i would be a married mother of two with a college degree and a house in oklahoma city. it's so weird how we all try to plan out our futures and we think we know exactly where we are going to be (or hope to be) by the time we are 2o, 25, 30, but how often does life work out like that? while i never would have guessed i would be where i am by 24, i would not change a thing about my life. i have the most beautiful children and the most loving and supportive husband i could have ever asked for. i guess that just goes to show us that no matter how much we try to plan out our futures and take control of our lives, they really aren't our lives to take control of to begin with. God has had this plan for my life all along and i just thought i was in control. i'm okay with it though, because what God has had planned for me so far has been so much better than anything i could have planned for myself. my life is so far from perfect, but i love it because it's my life. thanks to all of you who are a part of my life and contribute to making it what it is.
and now for a couple of pictures of our latest family addition. isn't she just the cutest? i think so too.