Friday, June 25, 2010

here we go!

so i'm sure many of you have already heard, but "D- day" is tomorrow! that's right folks, this time tomorrow, i will be laying in a hospital bed wondering what in the world i was thinking. ok i'm kidding about the last part, but seriously our lives are about to change in a big way!
so i know my due date isn't until july 3rd, but my doctor graciously agreed to induce me a week early just because i am tired of being pregnant. i promise i didn't whine, it was the nurse's idea. she suggested it to me a week or so ago and i decided to take her up on the offer. i called yesterday to set up an induction, not expecting to get anything before the middle of next week, and she called me back saying saturday at 7:00! so that's that! at 7 in the morning, i will be induced and we will finally get to meet miss Rylee Abigail!
it's weird because even though i've done this whole giving birth thing before, i'm still nervous about it like i've never done it. i just have this overwhelming feeling of wanting her to be perfectly healthy in every way. i also get nervous at the thought of having two kiddos now instead of just one ornery almost 3 year old. i hope there's enough of me to go around! that's why i'm sooooo grateful for my amazing mom who has agreed to bear the burden of having a newborn around for a while at the house when we come home from the hospital. my mom stayed with us when we had Corban and i can't even say how helpful it was to have her around! this time, i think it will be even more helpful since i will be outnumbered by my kiddos once jarred goes back to work. my mom is the best, plus i'm glad we'll get some good mother/daughter time in before she goes on her crazy adventure to Israel.
so all in all, i'm super excited, nervous, a little scared, and filled with love and joy at the thought of bringing a baby girl into the world tomorrow. corban, on the other hand, not so excited... ha!
when he was told that he's going to have to share mommy when his new baby sister gets here, he said, and i quote, "NO! no sharing!" Lord help us...
prayers are appreciated for a safe delivery and healthy baby!...and sanity of course! it may be a while before my next post. i'm gonna be a little busy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

yep i'm still pregnant.

that's right.
I'm beginning to wish that my doctor hadn't told me that she would be early. maybe he doesn't know me very well. see, i'm the type of person that gets my hopes up. yes, i know i technically still have 3 more weeks of pregnancy, but a 37 week birth sounds great right about now. impatient? yes i am.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i'm so done.

so here i am at 36 and a half weeks in my pregnancy and let me tell you that i can not wait to never do this again. i am so uncomfortable, and i feel like a house. frankly, i would not be surprised to give birth to triplets at this point...
just to illustrate how huge i am, here's me at the very beginning. oh if only i could look like this again...
and here is me now. yes i am huge.

and let me tell you something else. if it ever crosses your mind to tell a pregnant person how big they have gotten, don't. for the love of all that is good in the world, please refrain from making comments such as "you are getting so big!", or "you look like you are going to pop!". guess what...i am fully aware of just how big i'm getting and how close i am to "popping". i don't need a reminder. yes, i know that the growing baby inside of me is what is making me feel like i swallowed two watermelons, but the fact that i have to sit a foot away from the dining table to eat is not exactly a confidence booster.
in case you haven't noticed, i'm not one of those "i love every moment of pregnancy" people. i don't sit around and think about how "magical" pregnancy is. sorry. i know a lot of people out there love being pregnant. kudos to you. i'll let those people do all the baby having. as for me...i'm done!
sorry for the negativity, blame it on the hormones if you like.

Friday, June 4, 2010

my favorite

so it's naptime for the beast. it's one of my favorite times of day. it's a nice time for me to relax and do whatever i want for an hour and a half (2 if i'm lucky). thinking of my favorite time of day made me start to think about my other favorites. everybody's got them and my list is extensive, but here's a little taste of the things that i love...
mint gum
shoes (oh boy this is a big one)
hazelnut coffee with two spoons of sugar and milk
reading good books while it's raining
hugs from the cutest 2 1/2 year old i know
camping and campfires
being a college graduate but not having to work yet
wedding photos
marriage proposals from my 2 year old son
spending time with family
holidays (all of them)
high heels (even though i rarely wear them)
children's books
going out with friends
my mom's photos
dates with jarred
getting dressed up
working out (not really but if i tell myself that i love it, maybe it will come true)
my beautiful nieces
i love the fact that i only have about 4 more weeks of being pregnant!
there is so much more that i love, but that list could go on forever. take some time today to think about the things that you love. it can change your whole day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

first time

so here it is.
you're excited. i know.
my life is an hold on.