Friday, July 23, 2010

teddy bears

you know what i don't like?
teddy bears.
no, i don't have an aversion to teddy bears in their purest form.i can appreciate this guy for what he is. i mean, i don't mind them as stuffed animals.
but when people take the teddy bear too far, you end up with things like this...
the ever popular teddy bear baby room. one lesson that can be learned
from the 80s is that teddy bears should never EVER be used as a design motif. period.

but some more extreme uses of the teddy bear include...
the teddy bear jacket? that's right folks. get yours now before winter hits.
i've got mine ordered already.
and then there's this...

somebody took their love for teddy bears so far as to try and become one. this picture honestly just made me laugh so hard that i had to include it. i mean, really...why?

ok i feel better.

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