Thursday, August 12, 2010

i've decided

i'm going to be a vegetarian.
well i'm going to try it at least.
i'm giving myself the rest of this week
well really until we finish off our groceries
to enjoy eating animals.
i'm not doing this to try to prove a point about injustice toward
animals or about ethics.
i really don't even like animals that much.
really i just want to see if this focus on eating more leafy greens and fruits
will help me in my efforts to get in shape. along with my elimination of meats, i'm
going to try to eat less processed foods altogether.
i'm really going to focus more on natural, organic, when i can afford it,
i hear rumors of a whole foods market coming to OKC.
i'm sure it's outrageously expensive, but just the thought of
shopping there makes me giddy.

yes dad, i'm really doing this.

i feel like such a hippie.


  1. Goodluck! I get kind of mean without my protein, but I could definitely stand to eat less dairy. I think it's my favorite food group!

  2. lots of good blogs onling with whole food recipes that are surprisingly cheaper than what you think

  3. Yeah...I've tried that before...didn't last long. But good luck!

  4. we are behind you! maybe we'll join you someday... :)