Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 from the last 24

1. i have blonde eyelashes
2. i hate having blonde eyelashes
3. i don't floss everyday
4. i bite my nails
5. i used to cry if something in my room was moved even an inch
6. really i did. ask my parents
7. i got married when i was 19
8. i love to bake but i actually own no mixing bowls
9. how did this happen?
10. i love oprah even though she annoys me to no end
11. i'm afraid of the dark
12. i had 3 different majors in college and it took me 6 years to graduate
13. that's ridiculous
14. swishy jogging suit material, satin, and silk make me gag
15. this is a problem for an interior design major
16. and for someone who grew up in the 90s (jogging suit fad)
17. i pretended to hate my brother growing up but i really wanted to be just like him.
18. don't tell him that.
19. really don't. it will give him a big head
20. i seriously considered joining the navy instead of going to college
21. i'm glad i chose college
22. i hardly ever cry
23. i never wore my retainer in high school
24. big mistake
25. i really like being alone
26. i had a crush on Raphael from the live action teenage mutant ninja turtles movie
27. he was the red one
28. my brother and i played x-men together even though he was much too old to be playing x-men with his little sister
29. i used to say i never wanted children
30. i now have 2 and i wouldn't change that for anything


  1. you're funny! and i might steal your idea of this post because I enjoyed it so much. i loved the ninja turtles too!

  2. Had to read it several times cuz I enjoy it so much.
    You make me smile my sunshine.

  3. By the way.... I moved something in your room once just to see if you would notice. You did.
    I'm sorry.

  4. I NEED a bigger head because mine is so tiny! At least that's what my giant headed wife tells me. Seriously though, that's a real compliment. I don't know why you wanted to be like a comic book nerd who played video games all the time instead of playing sports, but hey, I'm glad you're my sister. Honestly, I wish we were neighbors. Miss you tons!

  5. So I had a crush on Raphael too...mostly because he was red...but yeah...I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  6. I used to want to be April when I was little. I didn't have a crush on the turtles, but I did have a thing for Billy, the Blue Power Ranger. Love your new layout!