Tuesday, September 7, 2010

thank you sweden.

this weekend we discovered
the wonder of this thing called
baby bjorn.
i'm sure you've heard of them.
heck, you might even own one.
well we didn't until this happened...

and this...

we went to the first friday walk through
in the paseo art district downtown with
jarred's brother terry and sister in law darci.
they had this beauty to carry their 8 month old
sydney in and we got curious as to the
usability of the baby bjorn.
needless to say we discovered that the baby bjorn
could also be called the toddler bjorn.
corban liked it.
for a little bit.
i promise.

because of our experience with the baby bjorn
we were compelled to purchase one for ourselves.

thanks for the gift card aunt sue.

we tested our new purchase with a trip to the
zoo on saturday.
she liked it.

overall i would call this labor day weekend a success.

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