Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 things i've learned in 3 years

1. it doesn't matter how early i wake up to get ready...i will still be late.
2. having children is like having pets in more ways than one.
3. the person who coined the term "terrible twos" must not have had a child live to see three.
4. sitting on the couch and watching tv while children sleep is, for all practical purposes, "a date".
5. i can feel every emotion within a 30 minute time span when i'm with my children.
6. fat cheeks are the best ones to kiss.
7. the freedom to go to the bathroom in privacy is often taken for granted.
8. jesus built the ark. not noah. (believe me i've tried to convince him otherwise)
9. every letter is the letter "m".
10. being a mom is the hardest thing i've ever done, but the most worth it.


  1. I'm glad we can now be moms together... I was thinking about calling you earlier because I just needed to talk and was getting frustrated. It makes me wish I could have had a kid earlier so you wouldn't have been alone all that time...this stuff is hard! And I've only just begun! I can definitely see that it will be worth it...but sometimes I ask myself what I was thinking... and how I thought I would be able to handle this. I'm just glad I have such a good mommy as my best friend. Lovins!

  2. I was going to do a things I've learned post tomorrow...but things I've learned the past month :)

  3. OMG.... laughing till I hurt!!!
    I love your sense of humor!! And so very true!!

  4. Very good observations and lessons!