Friday, October 29, 2010

cutest dinosaur i ever did see.

well i'm back from my hiatus.
actually i finished re-reading "hp and the deathly hallows"
a week ago.
and i've been slightly more than harry potter obsessed

in other news, we took corb and rylee to
knock knock night at church on wednesday
and corb had fun as a dinosaur.
it's not the costume that i would have picked...
but he really wanted to be a dinosaur.
pretty cute though if i do say so.


rylee really wanted to be a pirate.
we said no.

so she was a turtle instead.

she was happy with this decision.

back for round two of candy gathering this weekend!


  1. hahaha you guys have some cute pets in the house LOL

  2. I am soooo laughing out loud. Very very cute. Tell Rylee I'm glad she went with the turtle.

  3. These are great pictures! Thanks for keeping us up even though we are so far away. Your blog is wonderful, too!