Thursday, February 10, 2011

because, lets face it, you want to know everything about me.

i got the idea to start the 30 day challenge
from a friend, lauren.
everyday there will be a different blog topic.
with maybe a blog or two of my own in between.

so let's call this day one...
this is supposed to be a recent picture and 15 interesting facts about myself.

1. i often unintentionally hum with the microwave.
2. i won my middle school's geography bee in 8th grade.
3. i've never been to disney world or disney land.
4. i have been to ukraine 3 times.
5. i won the "abs of steel" award in my 8th grade gym class for my ability to do
an unlimited number of sit-ups. if you know me now, this is laughable.
6. i love trivia of any kind.
7. i quit track and cross country to join the academic team in 8th grade. who does that? nerds.
8. the president of rwanda shook my hand at my college graduation.
9. in 9th and 10 grade i went to a private school where i was in a class of 8 people.
10. i graduated high school in a class of over 1,000 people.
11. i had a pet rabbit named alakazzam who lived for 8 years.
12. my husband and i have been friends since we were very young.
13. soccer is by far my favorite sport.
14. i've never been to any school dance (including prom). thanks mom and dad...
15. i still have and use a caboodle.

aaannndd since i don't have any recent pictures of myself
that i'm willing to put on here,
here is a throwback picture.


  1. how fun! do you know the outline? or are you making it up as you go?

  2. OhMyBlog... the best one is #15. Caboodles were so cool. (and I guess they still are!)

  3. This made me laugh....and....reminisce about some favorite memories.
    Love ya sweetie!