Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 5: songs

so today's post is supposed to be a song to match my mood.
the song that most fits my mood today is:
"sleeping in" by the postal service

i'm pretty much always tired, so i think this song could easily match my mood
just about any day of the week.

a few other songs i'm enjoying right now are:
"rollerblades" by eliza doolittle

it's got such a cheerful tune.

"eet" by regina spektor

because you would have to be crazy not to acknowledge that she
is a vocal genius.

"violin" by amos lee

it's such a soulful song. i love it.

and finally

"timshel" by mumford & sons

because it really is just a great song.
i could listen to it over and over again.
really i could listen to this whole album all day long.

so those are my songs of choice for today. if any of them are new to you,
check them out!

p.s. while we're talking about music, i just thought i would mention that
the hubs and i got tickets to see kings of leon in tulsa this april!
exciting? i think yes!

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