Tuesday, February 15, 2011

day 4: my parents

my parents have been the best parents anyone could ask for.
i've always been very close to my parents and i'm so grateful for that.
growing up, my parents were always very involved in everything i did.
my dad coached my softball team, they went to all of my games, and they supported me in
anything that i wanted to do.
they pushed me to do my best in everything and encouraged me when i didn't do well.
they expected me to never do things half way, but because of that, i learned how to work hard.
my parents were always involved in youth group activities, which at the time, i hated. but now i appreciate it.
my parents raised me in a christian home and they lived out their beliefs everyday.
i learned what a loving and Godly marriage looks like from my parents.
they showed me how to love in good times and adversity.
my parents have been very supportive of jarred and i from the time we were datin
g and still now as we are raising our own children.
i know that when i was young, i completely took my parents for granted, but as i get older, i find myself leaning and relying on them more than ever.
i think they are exceptional examples of how to love each other and how to parent.
i don't know what happened to my brother though...

i love you mom and dad!

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  1. Aaawww sweetie....I love ya and would give my life for you.