Monday, February 14, 2011

day 3: my first love

it's merely a coincidence that i'm blogging about my first love
on valentine's day of all days.
ok so i fell off the 30 day challenge wagon over the weekend.

jarred really was my first love.
i've told him many times that i imagined myself
marrying him from about 8th or 9th grade on.
we had always known each other since we grew up going to the same church.
we started being friends in 6th grade.
we started emailing each other novels in 7th grade.
it was kind of a game to see who could send the longest email.
i know, we were adorable...
in 8th grade, i knew for sure that i wanted him to be my boyfriend.
he pretended like he was just my friend because he was too shy
to admit that he liked me.
at least that's what he tells me.
9th grade, we flirted like crazy.
10th grade he transferred to the same private school that i went to
which allowed us to hang out all the time.
*in 10th grade jarred's mom also invited me to his birthday party (which was a
paintball party) without jarred's knowledge. he was pretty embarrassed.
in 11th grade he finally asked me out.
we've been together ever since.
i've been so fortunate to have married my first love.
and i love him more now than ever!

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